Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Is Cyclocross a Snow Sport?

I'm starting to think the USAC thinks so.

Anyhow, I've been looking for an excuse to go to Bend, Oregon, and the 2009/2010 Cyclocross Nationals just might be my chance. Granted, I was hoping to go in the Summer - but maybe I can bring my snowboard along...

I am wondering when the USAC will wise up to the fact that the historically-absent regions of the Southeast US and Southern California seem to be putting on some damn fine races AND their weather is a bit more temperate in December. Or are they hoping for another Kansas City 2000/2007 or Providence 2005?

Heck, why don't they just host them at Squaw Valley?

I'm sorry, but racing in frigid snowy conditions is not epic - it's a crapshoot for competitors, and sometimes it's just plain miserable...

One more the end of 2010, Oregon will have hosted 4 of the last 8 Nationals, and I'm sorry but that also sounds a bit wrong to me.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Welcome to the Peak Season

Sacramento, CCCX, and CXSR Series still in full swing, and Peak Season just getting started!

We have now entered the part of the season between US Nationals and Worlds - the Peak Season - when you stop intense training and ride the crest of that fitness peak you've worked so hard to attain. Peak Season Race 1 kicks off Sunday within Santa Cruz city limits at Harbor High School and plenty of people will be out showing off their post-nationals form.

It's looking like there will likely be some mud to prepare you for the NCNCA Cup Finals (a.k.a. Peak Season Race 2) in Watsonville in two short weeks...

The Sacramento Series and the CX Santa Rosa Series each has two races left - including the Sac race this Sunday at Granite Beach...and CCCX Finals are in three weeks.

We're looking at our most complete January of Nor-Cal racing ever.

One or two hard races a week and you can ride that peak right into February.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Help Send Cody Kaiser and Jeremy Ferguson to Europe!

Norcal junior racer Cody Kaiser and U-23 racer Jeremy Ferguson have been selected by USA Cycling to attend Euro Cross Camp. Please help a couple of our rising stars experience this unique opportunity to grow and learn.

Donate here:

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Final Award Ceremonies at CCCP

* It was lumpy grass at McLaren Park
* It was muddy for the first time at Candelstick Point
* It was dusty and warm under the lights at Sierra Point
* It was the best of all worlds at Golden Gate Park

And it all comes to a 2008 conclusion at the Beach Run at CCCP - Cyclo Cross @ Coyote Point this sunday with Round 5 of the Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross Series, presented by Kaiser-Permanente/Team Oakland. And then - our final awards ceremonies for the 2008 season. We will be distributing $20,000 worth of merchandise prizes to our Amateur categories and our "A" Men and Women will have their pay day, too! Our website has the distribution for final Cat. "A" prize money and as of Golden Gate Park, here are the stats.

"A" Men starters - 184 - that means $1,840 is currently in the prize pot and final payout will be determined by starters at CCCP.

"A" Women starters - 75 - that means $750 is currently in their prize pot with same conditions for final payout as the Men.

We'll have the hand calculator ready to crunch some numbers.
And for our Beginner categories - Men and Women "C"'s - for the first time we'll hold a special raffle for your top prizes in those categories - with every rider present that day eligible for a shot at the gold ring. We'll take your actual race numbers from that day, drop them into the box and draw the winning race number.

See you Sunday for CCCP, Comrades!

Tom Simpson
Pilarcitos Cyclesports
732 Fairfield Road
Burlingame, CA 94010

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New Directions to Coyote Point

Caltrans in midway through a major highway improvement project in the Burlingame/San Mateo area on US 101 which has rendered our old directions to Coyote Point absolutely useless history. Please check our website links for current directions to Coyote Point.

We will try to place Pilarcitos red arrows on A-frame barricades and poles for directional help but please note this doesn;t conform with Caltrans regulations and we may not be able to place them.

And please note - this is "Cyclo Cross @ Coyote Point" so, Comrades, watch for the Red and Gold marking the beaches and forests of Coyote Point - and you gotta love that Red Army Chorus! Those guys can really sing up a storm - a Red and Gold Cyclocross storm, that is.

Tom & Alec Simpson
Pilarcitos Cyclesports

Tom Simpson
Pilarcitos Cyclesports
732 Fairfield Road
Burlingame, CA 94010

Monday, December 01, 2008

BASP #4 Golden Gate Park

Ok, I have been given the keys to the kingdom, and my first act shall be to link the race report from CX magazine to this blog.

Go here:

If everything works out, you'll be transported to Cyclocross magazine's report on Sunday's festival.



Homegrown CX Update

Races #4 and #5 of the Homegrown Cyclocross Series at Woodward Park in Fresno are coming up. The next race is December 7th followed by the series final on the 14th, . This is the first year that the local MTB club (CCORC has run this event and they place an emphasis on a low-key atmosphere that is very “newbie” friendly. In the spirit of keeping cyclocross accessible, entry fees are low, $15 for adults and $8 for juniors and the kid’s race is free.

The course is all dirt, very swoopy and all rideable except for the obligatory section of barriers and one run-up, which with just the right line, can be ridden. There’s ample parking and the park is just off highway 41.

If you are looking to try ‘cross for the first time or just looking for a mellow race, and can’t make the drive to all of the great racing on the coast, come on by.