Monday, December 21, 2009

The "Lou" Night Race At Woodward Park In Fresno On Jan. 23

J.P Sickler will be hosting the 6th annual "Lou" Cyclocross Night Race at Woodward Park in Fresno on January 23. This event is a one of a kind Cyclocross classic race held in the cycling friendly environment of Woodward Park. I have personally raced this event on multiple occasions, and it is one of the best times of the year for having fun while racing your Cross bike. The course is put together on a awesome piece of land in Woodward Park and the riding here is very good even in stormy conditions. Headlights or handle bar lights are mandatory for this event making it the only true night Cyclocross race in Nor-Cal. When you are out on course your bike light is key to your success. They line the course with highway bot-dot lights, and they have plenty of lights near the start-finish area. Yet on course bike lights will be needed to race, and this makes it a true night race. There are no man made flood lights to line the route. Just darkness, which makes for a amazing spectacle when the racing gets going. Watching the night race, and the riders with lights is just as fun as participating. Seeing the long string of riders zoom off into the darkness of night, guided only by their high tech bike light systems, is a must see for Nor-Cal Cyclocross fans. This event is a must do! It is a party and a race, & I highly recommend you make the trip to Fresno for this great event. Info can be found here-


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Fresno night race is the best time~ this is the best race of the year. Racing Cross in the dark of night with my light & motion headlight showing me the way is way better then any other race of the year. See you all there!

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