Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Please Tread Lightly At Golden Gate Park

The NCNCA District Cyclocross Championships are coming up on Nov. 29 at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, which is one of the sweetest venues for Cross racing in Northern California. It is important for Cyclocross racers to tread very lightly at this venue leading up to the big party that will be the 2009 District Championship race. Golden Gate Park is one of the crowned jewels of the City of San Francisco, and a huge tourist destination. Being such a prime spot for recreation the land controllers keep a sharp eye on over usage. If you are in the Park and riding your Cross bike, try to use other area's besides the B.A.S.P. course route. The 2009 District Cross Championship event is going to be a instant classic and if there is over use on the trails in that area leading up to the event park controllers have warned of a non permit issue stance. We all want to have a chance to race in this awesome venue, so I hope we all can tread lightly in G.G.P. in the next week or so, leading up to what is sure to be one of the best Cross races of the year. Thanks to everyone for spreading the word that by riding less on the B.A.S.P. Golden Gate Park course over the next 10 days, this can lead to future use of this area for everyone, locals as well as out of town folks who will be there only on race day. Good Luck to everyone at the NCNCA District Championship event!


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