Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lion Of Fairfax Update

Brian Bruckner and Big Swingin' Cycles have lots in store for the 2009 Lion Of Fairfax race. The Ross Valley School District has assisted with great work on the course & the Town of Fairfax is ready for Cross racing. USA Cycling licenses will not be required at this year's event, potentially saving you $10 on a 1 day license. Many sponsors have stepped up to support the growth of this race & continue the positive vibe of this Cross Classic. Sponsors are: Cyclocross Realtor, Dino Wilson of Frank Howard Allen Companyhttp://www.marinsmyhome.com/, Studiovelo Mill Valley & Paradigm Cycles in San Anselmo, Cannondale, Surly Bikes, WTB, Moots Cycles, Yeti Cycles, Dolce Vita Cycling and Violich Farms and Julia Violich in particular.

More info can be found here...

This should be a great time for everyone!


Blogger Brian Bruckner said...

Water on course! Bring your toe spikes, kids. We've got some wet cross action to serve up.

3:10 PM  

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