Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Carmen D'Aluisio To Lead Special Cross Clinic In Fresno Oct. 4

Pinnacle Training Systems of Fresno has announced that Carmen D'Aluisio, who is one of Northern California's most outstanding Cyclocross racers ever, will be the lead instructor for a special Cyclocross clinic on Oct 4.

Limited to 15 people, the clinic will cover such Cyclocross related skills as mounts, dismounts, shouldering your bicycle, starts, then finishing off with a simulated race & de-brief to test new skills learned.

I highly recommend any aspiring Cross racer to take advantage of this opportunity to learn tips and Cyclocross related techniques from Carmen D'Aluisio. Working with D'Aluisio is a golden chance to improve all aspects of your skills with guidance from a World Class level coach and athlete.

More info on this Pinnacle Training Systems Clinic can be found here...


D'Aluisio has raced on the highest level in Cyclocross and is a accomplished personal coach and team director....


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