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NCNCA B.A.R.- Best All Around Rider Rankings Start Now!~

The Best All Around Rider Rankings for NCNCA Cyclocross start at CCCX #1 This Sunday 9/20/09. Every Cross race thereafter listed on the NCNCA calendar will be entitled to be included in the BAR point totals for 2009. It is mandatory for promoters to post results online in a timely manner. Taleo Racing Team is assisting in keeping score for the season long points race. New for 2009 will be that most divisions run by the major series in Northern California will be included in the Best All Around Rider (BAR) rankings.

Rich Maile, seen here winning the Men's 45+ "A" division NCNCA District Cross title in 2008 at Manzanita Park, posted the highest point total ever recorded during the 2001 season for any Cross division when B.A.R. rankings were kept from 2000- 2003- an amazing 692 B.A.R. points in one season....

Past BAR rankings have only kept tally for the Elite divisions. For 2009 we will track points in the common categories used for such races as B.A.S.P., Sacramento Cross Series, Surf City, CCCX, CXSR, LARDP, Sagebrush, & the Homegrown Fresno Series.

Here is a example of the divisions that will be tracked and calculated for the Best All Around Rider awards...


Elite Men
Elite Women
Master Men 35+ A
Master Men 45+ A
Master Women 35+
Master Women 45+
Single Speed A
Single Speed B
Category B Men
Category B Women
Master Men 35+ B
Master Men 45+ B
Master Men 55+
Category C Men
Category C Women
Junior 15-18
Junior 10-14
Junior Women

Hopefully riders who place high in the final rankings in the "C" & "B' categories will upgrade immediately into the "A" divisions.

Past B.A.R. rankings were run in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003.

B.A.R. rankings really are a great way to distinguish who rides well during the entire season of races.

Justin Robinson was maybe the most consistent Elite Men's racer during the 4 year run of B.A.R. standings. Robinson made top 3 in the Senior Men's rankings all 4 years. Robinson was the overall winner in 2002 and 2003. John Funke was also very consistent in the Elite Men's standing placing top 3 in both the 2002 & 2003 season long rankings. Ben Jacques-Maynes was the 2000 season B.A.R. champion. While the 2001 Elite Men's B.A.R. winner was Justin Morgan.

For the Elite Women Sarah Kerlin & Stella Carey are racers who still compete now at the Elite level that had a solid impact in the B.A.R. rankings from 2000- 2003. Kerlin was 2nd overall by a mere one point in 2000 B.A.R. . And Carey was 3rd in 2000, then won the overall in 2001. Other B.A.R. winners for the Elite Women's division were 2000- Shelly Whisenhant, 2002- Hillary Daniels, & 2003- Rachael Lloyd.

Master Men 35+ Men had Mark Howland as the most consistent rider during the 4 year run. Howland was the winner in 2002, and placed in the top 3 overall in 2 other seasons. Keith DeFiebre tasted 2nd place twice in the rankings- the 2002 season behind Howland, and the 2001 season behind Rich Maile. The 2001 year was a special one for Rich Maile as he was the overall B.A.R. winner for Master Men 35+ and posted the highest point total ever recorded in the 4 years the scores were kept- an amazing 642 points. This shows how truly incredible Maile was week after week during the 2001 season to gather 642 B.A.R. points. This is a record that may never be broken in "A" division racing! Year long winners in the Master 35+ division besides Howland and Maile were James Coats in 2000, and Rob Meighan in 2003.

Junior division overall B.A.R. winners were 2000- John Higelund, 2001- Steven Cozza- who today rides for Pro Tour Road Team Garmin-Slipstream, 2002- Daniel Dye, & 2003- Adam Switters- who now excels on the Road Race scene.

B.A.R. rankings basically do not show who wins each and every race. However, it does show which riders consistently place high in the standings for each and every race they take part in.

Good Luck to all the racers in all the divisions for the 2009 B.A.R. rankings.

A special thanks goes out to Joe Miller of the Taleo Race Team for his expertise in the computation of results and point totals for all the divisions.

Taleo Racing-

BAR divisional champions will be recognized at seasons end.

Report corrections

Fine print on point structure:

Points are awarded 20 deep in events with more than 20 finishers, as follows: 40, 37, 34, 31, 28, 25, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 .

Points are awarded to all finishers in events with less than 10 as follows: 10th=1point, 9th=2, 3,4,5,6,7,9,11,14

Promoters--event/ad requirements: In order for a race to qualify for BAR points, categories must be picked separately, and the race announcement must advertise that categories will be picked separately.

The categories may be run together (for example, women can be run with B's or masters) but each group must be picked separately.

For previous years B.A.R. rankings look here....


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My money is on Don Myrah to break the current record.

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Maile is the King

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maybe Don Myrah............

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