Friday, December 19, 2008

Welcome to the Peak Season

Sacramento, CCCX, and CXSR Series still in full swing, and Peak Season just getting started!

We have now entered the part of the season between US Nationals and Worlds - the Peak Season - when you stop intense training and ride the crest of that fitness peak you've worked so hard to attain. Peak Season Race 1 kicks off Sunday within Santa Cruz city limits at Harbor High School and plenty of people will be out showing off their post-nationals form.

It's looking like there will likely be some mud to prepare you for the NCNCA Cup Finals (a.k.a. Peak Season Race 2) in Watsonville in two short weeks...

The Sacramento Series and the CX Santa Rosa Series each has two races left - including the Sac race this Sunday at Granite Beach...and CCCX Finals are in three weeks.

We're looking at our most complete January of Nor-Cal racing ever.

One or two hard races a week and you can ride that peak right into February.


Anonymous Pale Ale Yum said...

Thanks guys. Great course and best conditions of the season. Thanks, we all had a blast yesterday

7:48 AM  

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