Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Champs crown’d here, champs crown’der

SoCalCollegials …

wccc.JPGGot word that the Napa pro-didgy, JasonTheKing, won himself the WCCC Cyclocross Championships this weekend.

The race was held down in SoCal … fitting that the top-3 guys look like they just came out’da set of Hollywood’s [insert topical, timely television show of the pop-cultured moment].


and yes, that’s bigbadBryanLarsen sitting 2nd on the podium.

right on.

- - -


NorCal Crankers

mosher_07.jpgawww yeah … it was the JRobo taking another title back on the home front. We didn’t know that CalGiant was going to throw the kitchen sink at this race ~ turned out pretty sweet as they were able to roll a 1,3,4 on the day - with only the DJSnead bashing up the process.

It definitely was a day of Lobsters vs Berries … with Scotty Chapin narrowly loosing out to Reaney and the young phenom Cody der Kaiser for the bronzes.


What a year that Chapin has had. Last season he was brand spankin’ new to the sport - rode a humpty-junker singlespeed with balder rubber than you could get with 75cents in a down-south truckstop. He rode that machine up and down the coast … crushing pedals and pushing watts like nobody without a pedigree should be able to.

and now?

He’s mixing it up with the best of the best. That’s true NorCal spirit, yo.

and the guy’s got a future in the sport. with hard work and support … who knows where he could go.

maile.jpg- - -


On the femmes side, it was darkhorse Sarah Maile grabbing a bigwin like we’ve all known she’s had in her.

The climb suited her well and she delivered huge.

It’s damn fine to see this thoroughbred taking on the Champion’s Jersey this year. Well suited and well-earned.

DesignerKeith has the results up at CCCX, as well as three tons of photos for perusal ~ of which, i’m scalpin’ a few here. All photographers will get a huge cut of the profits from use…


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