Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Three-Dot Lounge Returns: McLaren Park

Howdy 'cross fans,

After two years out of competition to bring a new bike racer into the family, the Babblemeister is back in business, at least at reduced output.
I won't call out my placing at McLaren Park but suffice it to say that is the suckiest result I have ever delivered. In my defense it was the first race back after 2 years, plus I wouldn't have been lapped the second time except that I stopped for a beer handup from Brad Koester -- thanks for that, it was needed. The runup, advertised as brutal, was in fact far less punishing than the bumpy descents and endless climb that followed.

One of the first things that struck me about the scene at this race was all the cross teams out in force. For a long time the typical cross team at races was a team of one - the lone, often misunderstood member of some road or MTB team dutifully representing in team kit despite the lack of teammates or support. In contrast, this year you saw teams all over the place fully outfitted with tent, snack bar, toolkit, fans, adult beverages, and everyone hanging on the barriers shouting for teammates in the race (or more)... for example Team Oakland was well represented, plus the DFL crowd with their own special method of anointing teammates... The course itself was a typically brutal circuit up and down hills at McLaren, which has plenty of elevation to throw at you. Not that it mattered to the rocket men in the A race all of whom I got to see scooting up that nasty paved climb in the big ring as I soldiered on. I mean, there was one guy lapping me up the pavement chirping the rear wheel on every pedal stroke.. where do ya find the energy for that on the last lap?!
Dave Carr

credit: Wil Matthews


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