Monday, January 07, 2008

CCCX Final ~ NorCal's Best Cross Series

We love the work Pilarcitos puts into their events ... nice tents, sponsor vendors, big bannery stuffs.

But ... when it comes to downhome r
acing, taking care of athletes with some steady gas money, and kick-ass year end'er courses and party-vibe ... CCCX rocks it.


Ben JM set his legs on "Tour of Cali-Cruise Control" and powered away from the other boys to win the Elite race. HRS-RockLobster's Aaron O'dell took the CCCX 2007 Elite Series title (AND superboss series winner jersey ... for each category, too!!!).

Downtown Josie Beggs won another race and looked like she was still carrying a LOT of Natz form. I wonder if there's some marathon-type mtb race coming up that she's going to point her fitness towards?

he Women's 2007 CCCX Elite champ was HRS-RockLobster's Stella Carey, followed closely by her roadie teammate Natasha Perry of Velo Bella. The finishes in all of the women's CCCX races seemed to be ... chock full of awesomeness this year. I can't wait for '08.

There are going to be some rad pics up of this event, too. So, keep your eyes posted for some candy. Also, i'm sure good ole' Dusty Downs will favor us with another beautifully wacknut report.

results and pic links:
other pics:

Thanks Again, CCCX Crew. Frickin' Great Racing.
- - -

(all pics stol'd from RickRassmussen)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet report Mike. That was amazing to see Ben Jacques-Maynes race, what a treat that was.

The rain really made that course fun, and a big thanks goes out to all who make the racing happen.

Also, to all the cross series in northern California, it was a pleasure to do your events, and thanks for having such a cool bunch of races in nor-cal.

Steve O.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a fun race, a little more rain would have made it really interesting.

11:14 PM  

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