Friday, July 13, 2007

No Partial Year Licenses This Year

Word has come down from USAC that riders will not be able to buy a partial year license at a discount this year. In the past several years riders were able to buy a partial year license, good from Sept 1 through the end of Dec, for $30. This has been good for those riders who are only interested in riding Cross. This year USAC has said no partial year licenses will be available. People who will only be riding Cross will have to pony up the full $60 for a USCF or NOBA license, or buy one day license for $10 each.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course this only applies to those races that choose to use USAC sanctioning.

A quick scan of the upcoming cx calendar reveals 11 or 12 races where you won't need a USAC license.

David Gill

9:54 AM  

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