Thursday, November 16, 2006

Funke Won't Post (So I Will)

Three-dot lounge for a gray rainy afternoon:

Upcoming this weekend: the much anticipated Superprestige race at Golden Gate Park. Great venue, great race, and after last week's tragic cancellation of the Surf City event there should be plenty of amped-up racers in attendance with big scores to settle. Also a reminder: this year you should tell all your friends to come out and watch your race. I mean, this is San Francisco, there's no reason we can't have massive, screaming, bell ringing crowds just like the Presidio Natz. So pass the word.

Now a word on personal race results. Reflecting on my own recent race performances, I have to admit to myself that I used to suck less. This really hit home recently when I ran into a friend of A racer Jeff Hantman at a party (Jeff had already left to go sleep, pro-racer-like) and the friend passed along Jeff's observation: "Where has Dave been this year?" It's true, my babble posts outnumber my race appearances this fall by an uncomfortable margin. And despite one decent performance this year, on the whole we gotta say I used to place better, too. Not making excuses here (that's Funke's job), but I gotta admit: I could be doing better. Time to reprioritize my work-life-bike balance. Starting this Sunday.

Was I the one pleading for rain recently? What was I thinking? Rain sucks! Rain makes training no fun! Rain promotes colds and viruses! So I hereby amend my wish list: I want MUD. Rain I can do without. The ideal 'cross weather pattern should be this: Clear fine weather all week for training and setting up the course. Then torrential downpours all night before the race, ending at dawn followed by crisp cool sunny weather all day for the event itself. Fantasy, you say? Well then, it should be noted that two years in a row as a promoter I delivered exactly that script for the Infineon Cyclocross. Take that.
I finally figured out how to make the Blogspot image feature work and now I have genuine Herb Caen-esque three-dots for the three-dot lounge. How cool is that?

Here's a little shout out for my new favorite tires. I've been a big fan of Michelin Mud tires for a long time, even though they seem to roll a little slow compared to what is apparently the favorite of the rest of the world (at least the non-sponsored rider's world), Tufo. My problem with Tufo was that nice tractor tread always lacked a solid shoulder knob for cornering traction. (the first time I tried to apex on those tires, ouch!) So here then is my new favorite tire: The Vittoria Cross Evo - lightweight, supple casing, tractor tread and a really healthy corner knob. And it comes in equally nice tubular and clincher for a reasonable price. Dare I say it, now I'm even starting to feel a little of that Rich Maile velcro ability in the corners. But only a little, ok I'm sorry I even compared myself to the Dark God...

See you on the course -- Dave.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry Dave, we all know you were just planning to come into form in time for the G.G.Park race.
Best of luck to ya!
oh yea, i've been using the Evo's for a couple years now....they work well in just about everything
and do have a nice casing for a supple feel at lower pressure - especially with latex tubes.

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new Tufo Flexus tire has the same tread as other Tufos plus shoulder knobs.

9:21 PM  
Blogger singlespeedguy said...

I got your mud right hereya. Great racing at the Hillboro Stadium. Took a few pics, sorry I missed getting all the Bay Area's crossers that made the trip up north.

11:04 PM  

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