Sunday, October 30, 2005

Gloucester: This Is Why US Nationals Can't Be in January

I mean, if it's like this in October...

Check these photos out on the Hup United site - two photos from the same spot - the first is Saturday and the second is from Sunday, at the USGP of CX course in Gloucester:
(ok sorry has changed their home page images, but suffice to say the first photo was a blizzard and the second one was a sunny 70-degree day).

TJ and wife Bessette won in Saturday's Blizzard but I haven't found complete results. Barbara Howe's 2nd place definitely a testament to her MTB handling skills, not to mention her form.

Trebon and Bessette won Sunday. Results from CyclingNews:

Lot's of NorCal women in the top 10, but our NorCal men were well off the pace...hopefully Justin/Andy/etc had better results on Sat...

Hopefully get a report to you later... -JF


Blogger Dave Carr said...

Typical New England weather - snow one day, short sleeves the next.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Jimbo said...

Jesse Scatton - Master 35+

6th on day one

7th on day two

East Sacramento in the top 10. :P

7:50 AM  

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