Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Three-Dot Lounge

Random 'cross notes for a Monday morning:

* * *

Sunday's "jungle cross" course at Surf City lived up to its billing. As one of the original Surf City jungle venues (see article here ) Aptos revisited its checkered past with no fewer than five runups per lap and full-suspension bikes out in force in every category. One of the inspirations for that article, Anton McGready was out again this year, the other - Todd "Strappy" Hoefer was not...

* * *

Each year in the Cat. A men, there is one or two riders, lurking in the top ten in previous seasons, who step it up to the podium. Guys like Aaron O'Dell last year or Justin Morgan a couple years before that. This year it looks like Simon Vickers is one of the new guys on the hot seat. Congrats. Meanwhile, despite all that has changed in the world of 'cross one thing stayed the same at Surf City: Ben and Justin on top of the standings.

* * *

Funke noted on the ncnca front page the domination of the Bellas - in addition to Barb Howe's win we gotta take note of Melodie Metzger who led out the first lap, calmly breathing thru the nose...


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