Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Got Comments? You're not alone...

...in fact Dave Carr has been generating a lot of hoopla over his most recent postings.

Just wanted to point this out to the masses in case you're recent arrivals in the Blogosphere. Our Blogs all allow comments from anyone, and some of the recent entries have been generating a healthy amount of discussion - check them out! Comments appear below each posting.

If you have comments to add, please do so responsibly and cleanly. I administer the blogs and any abuse will result in (a) Comments being indiviually deleted, or worse (b) Comments being turned off altogether. Anonymous posting is allowed though you are encouraged to identify yourself.

We're all waiting for Dave Carr to push our buttons on his next subject...perhaps he's going to complain that our races aren't "Euro" enough because they're too darn sunny and warm... ;-)



Anonymous Jim Macdonald said...

I like the blogosphere. It's a great chance for us kids to connect with other knowledgeable racers that live in other areas/cities.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Continue to start the Single Speed class ahead of the B's field. There is no need to be stingy with the time delay either. 2 minutes is great!

7:04 PM  
Anonymous shane said...

Greatings everyone, my name is Shane. It's my frist year of cx and I'm hooked! I run BMX races in Livermore and San Ramon. I'm working with the Livermore Park and Rec. to add some cx racing in Livermore. I'm looking for clubs, riders, sponsors to help in getting this going and the operations of the race(s) if approved. thanks. email me shane@livermorebmx.com

6:58 PM  

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